To understand why our products come in different-sized bottles and tins, you have to understand how we gather our olives. ASo, let’s look at how we break down the first three months’ harvest. October, November and December. These are the months when olives begin to ripen and take on their colour. In October the olives are green, perfect, bursting with the juices we use to make our Premium range. November’s olives turn a purplish shade, and their juices gain those early notes of maturity we need for our Gourmet range. Finally, in December, the olives turn black, showing us that they are fully ripe and giving us what we need for our extra-virgin olive oils in the Family range, a milder, fruity oil of excellent quality.


  • Ideal for green salads
  • Breakfast with this olive oil is an eye-opener, and it’s healthy, too, because it’s high in polyphenols and natural antioxidants
  • Juice up cold soups and other cold dishes with the fresh taste of raw olive oil
  • Foods that combine well with raw olive oil


  • Ideal for seasonal salads
  • Ideal for pasta and desserts
  • Use in raw foods and regular cooking needs
  • The 2.5-litre tin is ideal for cooking


  • Ideal for regular cooking needs, frying and high-temperature cooking (150 °C, 300 °F)
  • Ideal partner for seasonal salads, because it highlights those riper tones of flavour


Our cooperative specializes in large bulk volumes. We handle various industrial formats for both filtered and unfiltered olive oil. Our main bulk formats are:

Tanker trucks: 25-27 metric tons
Tanker trucks: 1000-litre IBC
Flexitanks for exports

Most of the olive oils we export are high-quality early extra-virgin olive oils and virgin olive oils. We provide two varieties: Picual and Arbequina.

DOBLE ORO ATHIOOC 2020. Gran Reserva
PLATA ATHIOOC 2020. Hojiblanca
1er puesto IBEROLEUM 19/20
Medalla de Plata del Mario Solinas 19/20
Jaén Selección 2018
Guía Flos Olei 2018
Top 100 GUÍA EVOOLEUM a los mejores AOVE del mundo
Top 30 GUÍA IBEROLEUM a los mejores AOVE de España
Medalla de Plata – Los Ángeles IOOC (EE.UU)
Medalla de Oro – Japan IOOC (Japón)
Medalla de Plata – China IOOC (China)
3º Premio a la calidad concurso Internacional FERCAM (España)
Medalla de Oro – Athena IOOC (Grecia)
Grand Menzione Armonia IOOC (Italia)
Grand Menzione Leone D’Oro Dei Mastri Oleari (Italia)


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