• We have a milling capacity of over 20 million kilograms of olives. Each season we mill an average of 4.5 million kilograms of oil from olives produced by something over 5,000 hectares of traditional olive groves.
  • Thanks to our well-educated, highly professional workforce, our company has a high potential capacity for growth worldwide and an ambitious marketing and international expansion plan. Our employees include top economists, engineers, technicians and professionals whose names are known throughout the industry.
  • Picualia is regarded as a success story of how to manage the transformation and development of the olive-oil industry. Over 50 Spanish and international accolades attest to the quality of our products and our work.
  • Picualia is eco-friendly. Our company policy includes a demanding environmental policy, plus we are certified for integrated production and organic production and have all the internationally recognized quality seals and systems.

  • We are pioneers in offering professional olive-oil tourism management. We were the first oil mill in the province of Jaén to earn certification from the Spanish Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism, giving us the right to use the SICTED (Comprehensive System of Spanish Tourism Quality at Destinations) quality seal, under the “Q for Tourism Quality” management system. We also hold the TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence, awarded by our visitors in recognition of the fact that we are the oil mill that is setting the standard for the rest.
  • We are the first oil mill in the world to include virtual reality experiences as part of our tourist activities. PPeople of over 30 nationalities have visited and learned about our oil mill. We book more than 2,000 tourist activities per year and welcome close to 40,000 visitors to our shop for product tastings and food shopping.
  • Picualia has a tasting and display area with more than 20 top-flight names in gourmet and high-quality products. There you can try delicacies ranging from the world’s finest extra-virgin olive oils to chocolate made with extra-virgin olive oil, oil caviar, Picual and Arbequina jam, artisanal honey collected by traditional beekeepers, olive bread, olives and pickles made according to traditional recipes with traditional ingredients, natural cosmetics and more. They’re made under the ethical product seal in support of local development and local business, and they’re produced by local craftsmen, again and again featuring our finest oils.

  • Corporate Social Responsibility:  Society and its interests are hardwired into us, because we’re a cooperative. We also work with organizations and individuals alike to improve the employability of people with functional diversity. Through the hiring practices for one of our extra-virgin olive-oil packaging lines, we help create job opportunities for all.
  • International Presence: In a very short time Picualia has created an active international presence in countries like England (Picualia UK), Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, the United States, China, Austria and the Netherlands.

Tradition and the state of the art, working together toward the same goal: quality

There are over 1,000 olive growers in our company. Picualia’s structure and size make it a good fit for all kinds of markets. Picualia produces excellent, high-quality oils under the strongest guarantee of quality and traceability,  mostly thanks to the top industry experts on our technical staff and our demanding quality system, which is certified by the BRC (British Retail Council) and is compliant with the IFS (Industrial Food Standard).

The new concept that we presented to the world just a few years ago is the 100% accessible, visitor-friendly oil mill, where we created:

  • A display area and a conference venue.
  • A shop featuring guided product tastings.
  • A virtual reality room for enjoying experiences in the grove without ever leaving the mill.
  • An entire business unit devoted to managing tourism and on-site events
  • A restaurant in the vat area, the first world’s first gourmet dining concept of its type.

Internationally speaking, we hold a front-line position in markets like England, where we market our extra-virgin olive oil through Picualia UK Limited. What’s more, very shortly we’ll be in the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Austria, Brazil, the Netherlands, China and Texas, USA. We’ve been increasing our presence in these locations year by year, and now we have a stronger commercial footing than ever.

That’s how our company got its start, how it’s grown and how it’s developing, in continuing partnership, support and education for our olive growers and employees, providing a living and creating wealth in the territory together with other business units, like Olive-oil Tourism, creating and innovating crop after crop, insisting on quality, overall traceability and the real food concept, and making the dreams of over 1,000 families possible thanks to the hard work of our employees and the sacrifice of the company’s executive board.






To produce and market extra-virgin olive oils by sustainable, eco-friendly methods, yielding high-quality olive oils that satisfy the most demanding of palates.



1. To set the pace among producers and marketers of high-quality extra-virgin olive oils.

2. To offer customers and visitors top-notch tourist experiences.


Professionalism and commitment
Integrated production and certified product quality
Local development and creation of wealth
Healthy products
Producto saludable
The Mediterranean diet
Corporate social responsibility. Cooperative principles.
Commitment to quality in tourist experiences
Research, development and innovation
Research as the path to improvement
Ties to universities and research institutions